SharePoint ATM Locator

SharePoint ATM Locator

When you carry the SharePoint Credit Union EMV MasterCard® Debit card or ATM card, you have easy access to your funds, wherever you are. Although your card is accepted at ATMs worldwide, you'll benefit from easy access to surcharge free ATM transactions at convenient locations throughout your neighborhood, as well as across the country with MoneyPass®.

To find the closest surcharge-free MoneyPass ATM to you, follow the directions below. Please note, because these machines are universal, all ATMs may not accept deposits. Please follow the ATM's screen prompts to determine if a deposit is available.

Find A Surcharge-Free ATM Now
1. Go to the MoneyPass ATM Locator website
2. Enter your address information or a specific location
3. Or, enter a zip code
4. Check box for ATMs taking deposits, if applicable
5. Click Search

Things to Remember
1. Members enjoy free withdrawals within our MoneyPass ATM network from their SharePoint Checking Account.
2. Please be aware that available locations are subject to change and may take some time to be updated in the search results. If a charge is indicated for using an ATM it will notify you; you can choose to decline the transaction and use an alternative ATM.
2. Out of network ATMs may charge a fee. These surcharges will vary.
3. Members who have SharePoint's MasterCard Debit card can make purchases and request cash back using their Personal Identification Number (PIN) at participating merchants.

ATM Safety
1. Never give out your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
2. Observe your surrounding before using an ATM. If the machine is hidden from view, located in an unlit area or doesn't feel safe, use a different ATM.
3. Have your card out and ready to use.
4. While entering information, cover the screen and keyboard from others waiting to use the ATM so they are unable to view your transaction.
5. Put your money, card and receipt away immediately. Count your money later and keep your receipt for reconciling.
6. Watch to ensure the screen clears back to a welcome screen to ensure your information has cleared.

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