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Creating New Money Habits in 2023


2023 is officially here. Let this be the year of new opportunities and beginnings. January will always be the perfect month to start planning new financial goals and creating new spending habits. Ensure this year you begin laying down the foundation for more positive financial outcomes. Continue reading our blog to learn some helpful tips to create new money habits in 2023.

Write Everything Down

Writing down your finances or having them somewhere documented safely, is a helpful way of keeping track of your spending history. This is also another way of staying on track toward whatever financial goals you set for yourself this year.

If you feel like writing down your spending history is a hassle, at SharePoint Credit Union, we offer tools on our mobile app that will help keep track.

Create a Budget

When creating a budget, there are normally two things that you are keeping track of—how much you have coming in, and how much is going out. Most of the time, your focus is on how much you are giving out. This can range anywhere from groceries, bills, traveling, and buying gifts. There are several ways to help keep track of all these things; using a budgeting app, writing them down, or using a spreadsheet. Nevertheless, whichever method you choose to use, it’s critical that you are keeping track of where your finances are going. If you are focused on what you are spending your money on, you might find areas in which you are wasting your money and can then cut those expenses out.

The 48-Hour Rule

Saving money is probably the main goal for anyone who creates a financial checklist. Typically, your goal in saving your finances is so that you can make that big purchase on something you have always wanted. When you are committed to saving, you must discipline yourself and keep from making impulse purchases. One way to help keep yourself focused and is the 48-hour rule. This rule means that you do not make a large purchase on anything Instead, wait 48 hours to consider and research the product and see if it is worth your money.

Set Financial Goals

The most important tip we have for you, is to set financial goals for yourself. This is the first step you can make in creating a path to financial security. The way you can do this is by:

  • Calculating your debt
  • Tracking your finances
  • Setting a time frame to reach your financial goals
  • Creating a realistic budget

Visit SharePoint Credit Union

At SharePoint Credit Union, we are a local, trusted, not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. We are always looking to provide the best value to our members and partner companies. If you are looking for a place to help manage your finances and keep them in order, we are here to serve you. Contact us today for more information!

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