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Want to raise a financially savvy kid? Look no further than All Star Saving and Checking accounts! These fun and rewarding accounts empowers children (ages 0-17) to develop smart saving habits from a young age. Watch them grow into responsible money managers with features like a bonus on their initial deposit, free piggy bank, and even debit cards for teenagers (with a checking account and guardian approval). Help them turn their dreams into reality, one saved dollar at a time!


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Raise a Financially Empowered Child with Sharepoint Credit Union's All Star Saving and Checking Accounts!

Raising a financially responsible child starts early. That's where Sharepoint Credit Union's All Star account comes in! Designed for children aged 0-17, All Star accounts are more than just a place to stash birthday money. It's a fun and engaging platform that empowers your child to develop smart saving habits from a young age.

Here's how All Star accounts helps your child become a money-saving champion:

  • Early Start, Big Rewards: Start small with a minimum deposit of just $5! To celebrate their commitment to saving, we'll even match their initial deposit up to $25!
  • Visualize Success: Every little bit counts! We'll provide a free piggy bank so your child can watch their savings grow visually.
  • Tools for Teens (with guardian approval): As your child matures, All Star accounts grows with them. Teens (aged 13+) can open a checking account and gain valuable experience managing their money with a free debit card and online banking access (all with your oversight, of course!).

More Than Just Savings:

All Star accounts aren't just about accumulating money, it's about fostering a lifelong relationship with responsible financial management. By watching their money grow, your child will develop a sense of accomplishment and understand the power of saving for their goals. Whether it's a new bike, vacation souvenir, or even college tuition, All Star accounts can help them turn those dreams into reality.

Get Started Today!

Ready to empower your child's financial future? Opening an All Star account is quick and easy. Visit your local Sharepoint Credit Union branch or explore our website to learn more! Together, let's help your child become a financial all-star!


*Federally insured by the NCUA. Minimum to open is $5. SharePoint will match up to $25 of the initial deposit. SharePoint CU offers All-Star account holders a MasterCard® Debit Card (with checking account and parent approval).


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